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Treasurer Michael W. Frerichs is the state’s banker. He is responsible for the safekeeping of taxpayers’ money. State legislators budget almost all of the tax dollars that are collected each year, but that money is not spent all at once. At any given time, there is about $15 billion under the management of the State Treasurer.

The Treasurer invests about five billion of those dollars on behalf of local governments. They pool their money into short-term investments called The Illinois Funds in order to get better returns and prudent management. The remaining $10 billion comes from taxes and fees paid to the state.

The Treasurer’s mission is to invest all of this money in programs that are safe; easily converted to cash; and consistently producing earnings at or above industry standards. Investment earnings are used to fund schools, transportation improvements, hospitals and general state operations.

Numerous safeguards are in place to ensure that the Treasurer is held accountable for the investments and that taxpayers are assured the best deal. This site is designed to make the investment process transparent to taxpayers.

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