Capitol Building
219 State House
Springfield, Illinois  62706
Phone:  217.782.2211
    Fax:  217.785.2777


James R. Thompson Center
100 W Randolph St, Suite 15-600
Chicago, Illinois  60601
Phone:  312.814.1700
    Fax:  312.814.5930

Illinois Business Center
400 W Monroe St, Suite 401
Springfield, Illinois  62704
Phone:  217.782.6540
    Fax:  217.524.3822


Myers Building
1 W Old State Capitol Plaza, 1st & 4th Floors
Springfield, Illinois  62701
Phone:  217.785.6998
    Fax:  217.557.5871

Office TDD Line: 866.877.6013

If you prefer to reach the Treasurer’s Office by email, click here to contact the Webmaster and
your email will be forwarded to the appropriate division.

Phone List - Divisions    

Accounting/Warrant/Estate Tax
Phone:  217.524.4325
    Fax:  217.524.2295

College Savings
Phone:  312.814.1700
    Fax:  312.814.2765

Communications (Press Office)
Phone:  217.524.5749

Community Affairs & Marketing
Phone:  312.814.1247
    Fax:  312.814.4471

Phone:  866.831.5240
    Fax:  217.524.1269

Executive Inspector General
Phone:  312.814.1698 (Chicago)
Phone:  217.557.1972 (Springfield)
    Fax:  217.557.4052
24-Hour Confidential Hotline:
    Toll-Free  877.888.0002

Financial Education
Phone:  312.814.3575
    Fax:  312.814.1231

Fiscal Operations / Support Services
Phone:  217.782.6540
    Fax:  217.524.3822

Human Resources
    Fax:  217.785.8554



Invest in Illinois
Phone:  312.814.1901 (Chicago)
    Fax:  312.814.3716 (Chicago)
Phone:  217.558.6217 (Springfield)
    Fax:  217.557.6439 (Springfield)
Information Technology
Phone:  217.782.6540
    Fax:  217.524.3822

Internal Audit
Phone:  217.524.7872
    Fax:  217.557.9620

    Fax:  312.814.0055

Legislative Affairs
Phone:  217.557.0326
    Fax:  217.782.4490

Scheduling, Logistics & Events
Phone:  312.814.8663

State Portfolio & Banking
Phone:  217.782.2793
    Fax:  217.782.3563 – Investment
    Fax:  217.522.1217 – Time Deposit
Unclaimed Property
Phone:  217.785.6998
    Fax:  217.557.5871


I-Cash allows you to search the state's unclaimed property database for money or property that belongs to you.
College Savings offers ways to save and earn tax-free money with Illinois' 529 College Savings Program.
Ag Invest helps farmers offset the rising cost of farming and encourages green business development.
Money Market Fund allows local government entities to pool their investments to gain a higher rate of return for their residents.
Online bill paying gives people with busy schedules a quick and convenient way to pay government bills and fees.