Dan Rutherford was elected Illinois state treasurer on November 2, 2010. As a former state legislator, Rutherford knows firsthand the fiscal challenges that face Illinois. As treasurer, he pledges to be a strong voice for fiscal responsibility, streamlining the office and reducing costs. As a long-time private sector executive, he is committed to bringing the business sector’s principled fiscal management to state government.

Because the primary responsibility of the state treasurer is to wisely invest taxpayers’ money for the maximum return, Rutherford’s priorities are to ensure that state investments are as protected as possible from market fluctuations and to assure taxpayers that all funds will be properly managed. As the state’s banker, Rutherford is responsible for investing more than $15 billion in taxpayer dollars. As such, he has instituted a weekly review of portfolio performances in the treasurer’s office to prevent potential losses.

Before being elected state treasurer, Rutherford simultaneously served 18 years in the Illinois General Assembly and maintained a career in the private sector as a successful executive. He retired from his career in the business world at the end of 2010 after 25 years with America’s largest service company.

Rutherford was born in Pontiac and received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Illinois State University. He is a conservationist, personally establishing a wildlife habitat and planting thousands of trees and shrubs at his home in rural Livingston County.

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